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What’s going on in Seaworld?

Date: November 8, 2013 Author: fransiscatamara Categories: News

It’s a beautiful day on October 29th 2013, all PG students and teachers went on a trip to SEAWORLD OCEAN DREAM SAMUDERA to see all sea creatures.
We gathered at GKI Surya Utama and left at 07.30 using 2 busses.
As we arrived at the gate, the chaperones welcomed us happily and divided us into groups. The students walked in line into the largest Aquarium in Indonesia.
The students enthusiastically observed all the sea creatures, and couldn’t stop talking about it. We also watched a movie about a submarine titled ” Under the sea “. Seaworld also had “touch pool”, where all the students could see and touch the sea creatures such as Turtle, Flying fish, and even shark.
we had such a great time, and reminded to love all the animals. Thank you God for all beautiful animals in the sea.

Tiarmauli L.G
PG 1-2

Having fun at Seaworld

Having fun at Seaworld

See the turtle...

See the turtle…



at the main Aquarium

at the main Aquarium