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Parents’ Touring Class

Date: November 12, 2015 Author: dianseptyani Categories: Article, Events, News

Monday- Friday, 2-6 November 2015, TKK 11 had Parents’ Touring Class. We invited parents to enter and join the class. Each class had 3 parents every day. Before parents entered the class, we gathered them in the hall to have a simple briefing about the rules of the Touring class, such as, no talking in the class or to silent their hand phone. After the class we asked parents about their feelings and thoughts about this event. Thank you so much parents for spending time with us. Thank you for all the comments and feedback. We will improve our self for the better of our children.

IMG_0855 Briefing before the touring class

IMG_0870Opening prayer

IMG_0897Explanation about class activities

IMG_0899 Q & A Activity

IMG_0867 Day I – Morning Class

IMG_0876 Day I – Afternoon Class

IMG_0891 Day II – Morning Class

IMG_0902 Day II – Afternoon Class

IMG_0912 Day III – Morning Class

IMG_0917 Day III – Afternoon Class

IMG_0925 Day IV – Morning Class

IMG_0930 Day IV – Afternoon Class