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Ocean Dream… Here We Come…

Date: May 5, 2015 Author: hetiastuti Categories: Article, News

Clear weather on Thursday , 30 April 2015, furnish excitement TKK 11 Play Group students are ready to the sower of field trip to Gelanggang Samudera , Ancol , of North Jakarta .March into the area of “Ocean Dream” … walk in tandem with friends while joking ( but it neatly in the ranks of ) ,finally in place until stage various animals…. well ! A lot of visitors that day in Gelanggang Samudera , so that seating filled with enthusiastic audience watched the ring various animals with us . Beavers , birds macao , and bear honey ( sun bear is for that on stage in various animals showed that day .A hippopotamus usual closing the show did not look , because being rehabilitated .
We a back running in tandem to stage dolphins area .Smile and joyous laughter decorate the face school tuition PG when watching dolphins who with nimble leap , clap flipper they use , as well as secured about the ordinal given by the crowd with pat its tail . `
The air that the more heat and exhaustion that started to feel not reduce cheerfulness children while walking to the bus , to enjoy lunch and headed back to the school .Thank you , Lord to excitement field trip this time, the Lord Jesus bless !


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