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Let’s Go Back to Hometown…..

Date: April 21, 2015 Author: hetiastuti Categories: Article, News

This is not really going back to our hometown, but the children of TKK 11 PENABUR had a fieldtrip to “ Kampoeng Maen “ Cibubur on Wednesday, 15th April 2015. The children went to Kampoeng Maen to have adventure games . Many games were provided there, such as : Spider Web , Hole in The wall, Jalan Repot , the Sponge Race, Buldozer, “ Kentongan” game , Soccer, Fishing the balls race, etc. Look, children’s rudy cheeks and big smile . They were fun to play, to work together and sometimes to show their spirit of competiting. But , the goal was playing while learning… and motivating their bravery.


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