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K2 Field trip to Cimory

Date: October 26, 2015 Author: dianseptyani Categories: Article, Events, News

Monday, 19 October 2015, K2 children went to Cimory. There, we learned where milk came from and how to produce it. we were taught about types of cow, their environment and food. We even tried to milk the cow ourselves. After that we watched the process of packing and distributing the milk from the factory to the store where we can buy it. We were able to taste the sausage, produced by the cow, and we were also taught to make milkshake. Thank you for the trip, the lesson and the treat, Cimory.

Cimory 1On the way to Cimory

Cimory 2Listening about how to get the fresh milk

Cimory 3Milking the cow

IMG_0719Watching movie about milk factory

cimory 4Lunch time

Cimory 5Chocolate milkshake from the fresh yummy milk