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I Want to be a Personal Trainer

Date: February 24, 2015 Author: hetiastuti Categories: News

On February 5th we felt very excited. With the clinks of the bells in our hands make us ready to do the gym. Yes, we were going to do not only ordinary gym every Thursday, but also this was very special one. Someone came to our guess, Ms. Rani. Miss Rani would be our Personal Trainer.
What is Personal Trainer? Personal Trainer is someone who help us to do the gym and exercise. So, when we felt so hard to do the gym, Ms. Rani would give the right example. She is very beautiful and has a good body shape. We followed the beat together with appropriate motions.
“One, two, three, move your head”, said Ms. Rani. This was very exciting. Today we are K2 students learn something from Ms. Rani. If we want to be a Personal Trainer or do any professions someday, we are sure it will be with the hard work and pray. Thank you Ms. Rani, we are so happy and be healthy today.senam  3 senam 1 senam 2