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Date: May 18, 2015 Author: hetiastuti Categories: Article, News

Hi, we met again in “Formasi Spiritual Anak” (FSA) which held once a year for Kindergarten level B. Theme for this year is “With Heart We Care Others”. FSA taught children how to care others through worship and games in each post. FSA were serviced by Sunday school teachers of GKI Surya Utama.
On Saturday, 9th May 2015 at 7 o’clock, children came to GKI Surya Utama, children were directed to the Ture Room on 1st floor. They were divided into 10 groups. After the preparation, they had an opening service in ground floor, at 8 o’clock with Bunda Tuti as a special guest. Children sang and listened to God’s words about “The Good Samaritan” enthusiastically. After the worship service was over, they got briefing about rules of posts from Sunday school teachers. Post Activities were divided into 5 posts which were 1st post – lego, 2nd post – feeding friends, 3rd post – puzzles, 4th post – creativity, 5th post – balloons skills. They followed all the activities in each post joyfully.
Finally, it was the end of FSA program….. Simson, Ehud and Debora became the best of 3. FSA was closed with a photo session for each group, Children were not only bringing presents but also they were learning how to cooperate, to help one another and to care their friends.
See you in next Formasi Spiritual Anak, God Bless You!

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