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Everybody needs love

Date: February 21, 2014 Author: fransiscatamara Categories: News

About 8 a.m in a sunny saturday, February 8th 2014, parents gatherd in hall of TKK 11 PENABUR for a special programme. This programme is one of the series of character development in TKK 11. With great enthusiasm they participated a seminar titled ” TOUGH LOVE ” and led by Ms. Tri Esti Handayani (Bid. Kerohanian dan Karakter BPK PENABUR)

Indeed, the seminar was very captivating. Parents listened seriously. The purpose of this seminar is to provide views and insights to parents about how to nurture their children, because there are many shocking facts that parents often didn’t realize that their parenting can make great impact to their children.

There are things that can destroy our children’s future. and so, parents must dare to apply what we called “TOUGH LOVE”. Tough Love is simply defined as an act of discipline from both parents that is to be accompanied with steadfast love. Disciplining should be followed by firm and consistent consequences. Each parents should take the children on a circle of good behaviour, and be a role model,both words and action.

Hopefully by being a part of this seminar, parents will trully apply “TOUGH LOVE” in nurturing their children. God bless us.

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