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Easter Performance at Ranch Market

Date: May 5, 2015 Author: hetiastuti Categories: Article, Events, News

On Friday, April 22nd,2015, twenty K2 students are invited to celebrate the Easter in Ranch Market, Pesanggarahan, Jakara Barat. We arrived and welcomed by friendly guides there. The children performed “gerak dan lagu”. The two songs were “Yesus Sahabatku” and “Give Me Oil”. They got big applauses from the audience.
After the performance, the children continued their activity. They made cookies from smashed Regal biscuit then covered by chocolate sprinkles. After that, they could taste their own masterpiece.
Our next activity was a competition in decorating an Easter egg. We are given an egg with various decorating things, such as glitters, beads and markers. Congratulation for the children who won the competition, and for those who haven’t won, it’s okay, the important thing is they tried their best.

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