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Be smart and brave children

Date: April 3, 2014 Author: fransiscatamara Categories: News

This morning, Monday, March 17th 2014, TKK 11 PENABUR is not as usual. Wearing sports uniform, K2 level
swing with backpack toward the bus going to a field trip to the Eco Park Ancol.
They departed promptly at 7:45
Arriving in Ancol, the students were divided into 2 groups, each of which 60 children. Each group had the same experience, but in different times. The first group had the opportunity to learn about plants first and outbound being opposite group.
Once satisfied playing in farming and animal husbandry, it was time for students to Outbound play area. Since they are not in one area, students must ride back to the bus to relocate to the Outbound Eco Park. Currently used also by students to enjoy milk boxes they had brought from home.
Outbound looks easy and interesting from a distance, but actually this requires careful safeguards. This is evident from the installation needs 1-3 minutes per children. Once done with safety, the students pray together and mention yells “I can do it, Yes!”
While playing, a few students are crying in fear because they have to pass the rope, although ultimately they can conquer their own fear and continue the game again. At the end of the track, Flying Fox accompany cheer their victory against freedom and fear. Yipppeeeee!