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Lots of fun at Play House Land

Date: April 3, 2014 Author: fransiscatamara Categories: News

On Thursday, March 27 2014 is the day awaited by PG children. on that day they will have a field trip to Play House Land, Central park, Jakarta.
On that sunny morning, children gathered in their classes, pray and sing along while waiting for theie departure time to Central Park. Two busses are ready to send them to Central park, the location od Play House Land that will be our playground that day.
At Central Park, some of the guides from Play House Land are welcoming the children. They will accompany and guide the children’s activities there. The children are divided into four groups, and doing the activities turn by turn, namely : Cooking class, Clay Art, Amusement, and watched the musical drama at theater space.
In cooking class, perkedel is the kind of food to be cooked by children that day. They mix pulverized potato to pepper,salt and corned beef. Shaping it into circle and ready to fried by the guide. In clay art, children make some animals form, like turtles and crabs. Musical drama was very impressive for the children. This is their first time to watch, so some children were surprised and burst into tears when the drama players come closer to them. Another child come inducement to dance along with joy. Another game that they played is, arrange puzzle competition, ride the toy car and train, also shopping at the mini supermarket. At the end of the field trip, they get lunch at Cowboy Resto, Play House. Hmmm… Yummy!
Although tired, the children are excited to share their experiences that day.
See you on another field trip. God bless you!

Inge (Guru PG3-4)
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