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A Day with Gramedia and Erlangga

Date: June 5, 2015 Author: hetiastuti Categories: Article, News

On Thursday, 28th May 2015, TKK 11 PENABUR invited a team from Gramedia Book Store, Puri in programme “ In House with Gramedia “. It purposed to support children’ reading interest in TKK 11 PENABUR. The team had started their day with a very interesting story entitled “ Monkey and Rabbit “. All classes were gathered in the assembly hall and listened attentively to the story. Children learnt the moral of the story which is, acceptance of oneself no matter what weakness or strengths your friends may have .
After that K1 and K2 children did the activity of “ Finger Painting “ which is led by another team called Erlangga , a book publisher. The activity challenged them, because they had to draw without crayon or color pencil, but they used their five fingers, cornstarch, and food coloring to finish their art. Their creativity was wonderful. Finally, the best painters were announced. There were 10 of them who got a goody bag. “ Horay, my drawing was chosen to be the best one ‘ shout Nicole from K1.3.
Came the most awaited part by everyone, “ Chose and Buy a book “. Horay! Books are ready! Outside were tables with many different books. Children were told to get ready with their money. They chose their favorite book enthusiastically. “ I like this book because there is Thomas on the front cover “ said Matthew James PG.3
One by one, they came and queued in front of the cashier . “Wow, Amazing ! I can choose and buy a book by myself “ Oswald said.
In this activity, children are taught to became creative and independent. They were also taught to appreciate the different kinds of books and would like to read them .

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